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No probe set gene Accession LocusLink Description Symbol CTRL FSK ACREB_FSK (FSK vs CTRL) FC (FSK vs CTRL) LFC (ACREB_FSK vs FSK) FC (ACREB_FSK vs FSK) LFC 0hr 1hr_FSK 4hr_FSK (1hr_FSK vs 0hr) FC (1hr_FSK vs 0hr) LFC (4hr_FSK vs 0hr) FC (4hr_FSK vs 0hr) LFC notes Link
1 213040_s_at neuronal pentraxin receptor AL00858323467"Consensus includes gb:AL008583 /DEF=Human DNA sequence from clone RP3-327J16 on chromosome 22q12.3-13.2 Contains the DNAL4 gene for axonemal dynein light polypeptide 4, the NPTXR gene for neuronal pentraxin receptor and the CBX6 gene for chromobox homolog 6. Contains ESTs, STSs, a G... /FEA=mRNA_2 /DB_XREF=gi:4160195 /UG=Hs.91622 neuronal pentraxin receptor /FL=gb:NM_014293.1" NPTXR 18.36 22.67 22.79 1.23 0 1.01 0 233.28 208.33 176.98 -1.12 -0.83 -1.32 -0.91 "all, " Human_ChIP_chip Human_CRE_prediction Pancreatic_Islet_Expression
2 217041_at neuronal pentraxin receptor AL162057.123467Consensus includes gb:AL162057.1 /DEF=Homo sapiens mRNA; cDNA DKFZp761N0524 (from clone DKFZp761N0524). /FEA=mRNA /DB_XREF=gi:7328105 /UG=Hs.91622 neuronal pentraxin receptor NPTXR -107.5 -131.25 -111.25 1 0 1 0 -193.51 -168.93 -158.1 1 0 1 0 "all, " Human_ChIP_chip Human_CRE_prediction Pancreatic_Islet_Expression

Sample Description:
Culture of human HEK293T cells are treated with cAMP agonist forskolin (FSK) for 1hr. Two control and two forskolin treated samples are collected, together with 2 forskolin treated samples from ACREB plasmid transfected cells. In addition to this data set, a different set of experiments showing FSK effect on 1hr and 4hr treatments is included. The two sets of data in HEK293T were generated at different times with different batch of cells, and comparison should be limited within each set. The cAMP induced genes at 1hr, however, was similar between the two sets. Total RNA was extracted using the Qiagen RNeasy kit.

Microarray Analysis:
Total RNA samples were labeled and hybridized by standard protocol to Affymetrix GeneChip Human Genome U133 Array Set HG-U133A array. Array data was analyzed using the dChip software with PM-MM models.

Guidelines for Choosing camp Induced Genes in this Data Set:
The fold change (FC) value is positive for increased expression and negative for decrease expression. There is also a lower bound of fold change (LFC), which is a conservative estimation of the fold change with 90% confidence. For this data set, if a gene was induced by FSK in control samples (LFC>=1) and this induction was inhibited by ACREB ((FSK_ACREB vs FSK) LFC<=-1), we consider it as a good camp induced gene and therefore a potential CREB target. In addition, induction by FSK with the second data set (time series) can further confirm the result from the first data set.