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No ID Symbol Gene Name Alias Symbols Accession Official Symbol LocusLink Probe Type Ave. HEK CREB p-value Ave. HEK CREB Binding Ratio Hepatocyte_CREB p-value Hepatocyte_CREB Binding Ratio Hepatocyte_P-CREB p-value Hepatocyte_P-CREB Binding Ratio Islet_P-CREB p-value Islet_P-CREB Binding Ratio HEK_0h_CREB p-value HEK_0h_CREB Binding Ratio HEK_1h_CREB p-value HEK_1h_CREB Binding Ratio HEK_4h_CREB p-value HEK_4h_CREB Binding Ratio HEK_0h_P-CREB p-value HEK_0h_P-CREB Binding Ratio HEK_1h_P-CREB p-value HEK_1h_P-CREB Binding Ratio HEK_4h_P-CREB p-value HEK_4h_P-CREB Binding Ratio CRE prediction CREflag Chr. Location Note Link
1 Hp1_102_1_11 CSDA cold shock domain protein A DBPA;ZONAB NM_003651CSDA 8531promoter 2.0E-01 1.2 4.3E-01 1.0 1.8E-01 1.2 3.1E-01 1.1 5.7E-01 0.9 1.4E-01 1.2 1.7E-01 1.2 1.3E-01 1.2 2.3E-01 1.1 1.1E-01 1.2 others none chr12_11091863_11092863 "all, " HEK293T_Expression Human_CRE_prediction Pancreatic_Islet_Expression


Genome-wide location analysis (ChIP-chip) of CREB binding

Two values are reported for every ChIP-chip experiment. P-value is the confidence level of the binding, and binding ratio is the ratio of ChIP signal over control genomic DNA.
The recommended cutoff to choose ChIP positive genes is: p-value <= 0.001 and binding ratio>=2.

Please note the sensitivity of ChIP-on-chip using this cutoff is about 50%. If you see a gene with binding ratio somewhere between 1.5 and 2, there is a good chance that it may be a CREB target, especially if there is a good CRE on the promoter. Manual ChIP might be needed to verify CREB binding for these genes.

Both CREB and P-CREB ChIP is performed in each tissue type except pancreatic islet, where only P-CREB yields useful data. In HEK293T cells, three time points, 0hr, 1hr and 4hr after forskolin stimulation are shown, as well as the average of the three time points for CREB ChIPs.
For RefSeq genes whose promoters have been analyzed, the prediction of CRE sites is shown. The last column shows locations of probes that have been mapped to the May 2004 assembly of the human genome.
ID: unique ID number on the array
Accession numbers: Genbank accession numbers or Ensemble gene ID.
Probe type: genomic region where the probe is targeting: promoter, non-coding RNA, and controls (intergenic region or coding region).