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Source: TAIR Protein Interaction Annotations.         Updated: May 27 23:24

The TairProteinInteraction is a tab-delimited file containing 
protein-protein interaction annotations for Arabidopsis genes made by 
TAIR. Currently all the annotations were extracted from the literature. 

1.  Gene_name
2.  TAIR_accession (for the gene): the unique identifier for an object in the 
    TAIR database- the object type is the prefix, followed by a unique accession 
    number(e.g. Gene:12345).  
3.  Locus_ID (for the gene)
4.  Interactor_name: the interactor gene name
5.  Interactor_TAIR_accession
6.  Interactor_locus_ID
7.  Evidence_code: three letter code for evidence types (see:
8.  Evidence_description: experiment types
9.  Reference_TAIR accession: the unique identifier for a reference in the 
    TAIR database (e.g. Publication:12345)
10. PubMed_id: if the reference is from PubMed (e.g. PMID:01234)
11. Date_annotated: date the annotation was made.