SIGnAL Rice Gene Ontology Search:

No Gene GO Term GO ID GO Type Evidence code With Evidence Annotating database Date annotated
1 Os01g01180membrane GO:0016020 cellular_component IEA TAIR6:AT3G01950.1TIGR_Osa1r5:autoGO Nov 16 2006 4:06PM

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Source: TIGR Rice Genome Annotations V5.         Updated: Jan 26 2007

 1. Gene / locus name: standard rice gene/locus name
 2. GO Term: the actual string of letters corresponding to the GO ID
 3. GO ID: the unique identifier for a GO term.  
 4. GO Type: F=molecular function, C=cellular component, P=biological process. 
 5. Evidence code: three letter code for evidence types (see:
 6. Withe Evidence : the evidence
 7. Annotating database: TIGR and method used to annotate GO
 8. Date annotated: date the annotation was made.